"Financial Times" will Launch a New Investment in Bulgaria

During a meeting of Deputy Economy Minister Alexander Manolev and Financial Times CTO John Kundert, it became clear that the media will launch a new investment in Bulgaria. The company plans to open a development center in the field of information technologies in Bulgaria, Ministry of Economy reported.

Initially, the Financial Times will partner with another British investor in Bulgaria - "Xoomworks Technology" in order to create a technology team that is expected to reach 100 people within one year.

Deputy Minister Manolev stressed that Bulgaria has the fastest growing sector of information and communication technology in South-Eastern Europe. John Kundert stressed that the basic requirements for any hired professional in Sofia would the same as the ones for the employees in London. Anthony Baring, Group Finance Director of the British IT company Xoomworks Technology, shared that Bulgaria has qualified experts in the field.

The Financial Times was established 130 years ago in London and currently has 930,000 subscribers. In 2015, the British edition was acquired by Japanese publishing group Nikkei Inc. for GBP 844 million. "Xoomworks Technology," with which the media will partner, is a British software company that specializes in creating digital innovations, mobile applications, quality control, and tracking software.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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