AEJ-Bulgaria Demanded the Dismissal of the Government's Press Attaché

The employee, who hurt the reporter from "Monitor" Elena Krumova, definitely has no place in the state administration.

This was announced today in a press release by the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria on the occasion of the actions of Lyubomir Metodiev, the expert of the government press service, on August 18th.

The Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria insists on his dismissal because he hit the reporter of the Monitor newspaper while she was performing her duties.

The Association adds that they find insufficient the apology he has submitted through his social networking account, claiming that the action was unintentional. This version contradicts the testimonies of many journalists from other media, they add, and Metodiev's excuse came only after the remark sent by the prime minister.

The incident is even more serious due to the fact that it is about gender violence. The association says that this is not the first time Metodiev has been arrogant with journalists and point out that in March at the EU-Turkey meeting in Varna, the Association was contacted by representatives of German media, who complained about his rough attitude.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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