Woman Died After Giving Birth in the Sliven Hospital - Investigation is Ongoing

According to the relatives of the deceased mother in Sliven, the fatal outcome has been due to the traumas caused by the birth process. They want an independent medical expertise, bTV reported.

33-year-old Reneta Tomova died on August 17, the day after the birth of her first child. She entered the hospital after a normal pregnancy. After the birth, however, her relatives say the woman had bruises on her body and broken ribs. Hours after the birth, her condition worsened.

According to the director of the hospital Dr. Sonia Mihaylova, the woman was admitted to a resuscitation where she died. Dr. Vladimir Tsekov said the doctors may support birth but under strict conditions. In practice, the method is known as the "Kristeller method," in which the medical practitioner assists with squeezing through the abdominal wall on the bottom of the uterus, which is realized along with the synchronization of the thrusts.

The Prosecutor's office began an investigation for a medical error.

About 200 people went out on Sunday to protest to stop such practices and to stop the bad attitude towards the mothers in the Bulgarian hospitals.

The newborn remains under surveillance, because of a paresis of one hand and a swelling of the head.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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