Bulgarian USA Migrant Leaves $2.5 Million to His School

A Bulgarian migrant to the United States left his home municipality of Lom $3 million in his will.

BTA reported on the generous donations. Dr. Andrei Georgiev, born 1921, emigrated to the United States in the 1950s. He opened his own medical clinic. Georgiev gradually amassed his wealth, a large portion of which he left to Lom. The doctor received a posthumous title of Honored Citizen by the municipality on the recommendation of Lom’s mayor, Penka Penkova.

$2.5 million was donated to Georgiev’s former school, the Professional Gymnasium “Naiden Gerov” and $500,000 to the municipality. That made him the biggest donator to the small town of Lom. The doctor’s wish was that the money donated to the school will be used to finance the education of talented pupils of the gymnasium. The staff at “Naiden Gerov” revealed that this is the largest donations the school has received. They are planning to open up an exhibition celebrating Dr. Georgiev’s life and work.

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Alex Dimchev

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