11th Traditional Folklore Costume Festival in Zheravna, Bulgaria

On 17 August begins the event, which has no analog in the Bulgarian festival folklore calendar. From today until Sunday near the village of Zheravna, the 11th edition of the Traditional Folklore Costume Festival will be held. The festival is organized with the help of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism.

The festival is a three-day show, and guests are not just spectators but also participants. In order to make the jump back in time for these days, the participants have to meet specific conditions – no phones, no photos, no ordinary clothing, etc.

The traditional clothing /Nosiya/ is only the first condition, as the visitors, apart from feeling part of the community, can enjoy the variety of costumes from all over Bulgaria. The men may also wear voivodes clothing /war-leader/ or antique military uniforms. Clothing from the very beginning of the twentieth century is also allowed. Folk costumes, traditional for other countries, are also accepted. You can rent a costume at the entrance to the festival or buy one. The entrance is with a paid pass.

The festival days are full of events related to the participation of popular orchestras, traditional dances – Horo, Cheverme, roasted potatoes, coffee made on a sand and various types of rakia, and on Saturday a real Bulgarian wedding is planned.

Visitors to the festival in 2017 were nearly 23,000 people.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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