"The King of Belgians" with Three Awards at the Avanka Film Festival, Portugal

The adventure of the Belgian King in Bulgaria and on the territory of the Balkans was determined for Best Film at the Avanca Film Festival, Portugal.

For the 22nd consecutive year in the small town on the Atlantic coast, works designed for cinema, TV, video, and multimedia were evaluated. In the category "Best Feature Film" the prize was awarded to the work of Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodward "The King of Belgians". The two authors also received an honorary diploma ("Special Mention") for the screenplay of the film as well as the Don Quixote Award of the International Federation of Film Clubs.

In September the shooting of the sequel of the intriguing narrative story about the King of Belgium will begin. At the end of his Balkan Odyssey, he receives a proposal to become the Emperor of New Europe. The dramatic comedy "The Barefoot Emperor" supported by EA "National Film Center", is the latest project the directional tandem Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodward. The movie will be a co-production between Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, and Bulgaria. 


Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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