Bulgarian Truck Driver Survived After the Collapse of the Genoa Bridge

A Bulgarian truck driver survived at the collapse of the Genoa bridge, says the Italian edition of "Genova today". A Croatian driver also survived, and after leaving their trucks, the two began to help the rescue teams.

A signal was sent to Consulate General of Bulgaria in Milan for a missing Bulgarian living in Genoa with whom the relatives could not get in contact. Last night the woman contacted her family. In front of bTV, Bulgaria's general Consul in Milan, Rosen Rufev, commented that there are no reports of injured Bulgarian citizens so far and did not confirm the information about the rescued truck driver. He also added that until the victims and the injured are identified, the possibility remains between them to be a Bulgarian citizen.

At least 35 were killed yesterday at the collapse of the motorway bridge in Genoa, Italy. There were about 30 cars on the bridge when the long 200-meter section collapsed. Below the construction, there are railway lines, factories, and buildings. The tragedy versions include a lightning strike and the need for repairs. The reasons are clarified.

Bulgarian citizens can receive information or send alerts to the Milan Consulate General's phones:

+39 028 49 42 941 and

+39 933 37 82 60 43 (after work hours)

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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