Increase of Bulgarians Visiting Turkey After the Lira Collapse

Bulgarian tourism to Turkey increased due to the decrease in value of the Turkish lira.

DarikNews reports on a boom of Bulgarians visiting Turkey due to the recent nosedive of the Turkish lira. This decreased the prices of consumer goods in comparison to Bulgaria. The news agency warns that this event may have a negative effect on the value of the euro.

Darik interviewed Jamal Lufti, a manager at a tour firm. He claimed that the low prices attract Bulgarian tourists to the markets of Istanbul and Edirne. He’s quoted as saying: “Everything has increased in terms of tourist flow with us. But especially after the collapse of the Turkish lira, the people started to travel a bit more for everyday things that they need, to the market mostly. They can buy many things from Turkey, such as clothes, laundry detergent, and many other things needed for everyday life. Plus, the excursions are at good prices.”

Despite the low prices, experts warn that the collapse of the Turkish currency will have large negative effects for the economy of the EU.

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