Italian Man Sets His Bulgarian Ex-Girlfriend on Fire in Sicily

A 57-year-old Italian man poured gasoline and set his 49-year-old Bulgarian ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend on fire.

The incident was reported by 24Chasa, citing Italian media sources. The 57-year-old Sicilian Giuseppe Taormina met with his ex-girlfriend in Mascali. The woman came with her current boyfriend, with whom she currently lives. The man was the same age as Taormina, 57. A scandal ensued, and Taormina poured gasoline over the Bulgarian and her boyfriend and then ran away. The incident occurred in Giardini Naxos, near Messina.

The two victims were heavily burned. 50% of the woman’s and 30% of the man’s skin was damaged by the fire. First, the Bulgarian woman was rushed to the local Catania hospital, but she had to be moved to Palermo due to the severity of the burns. Taormina was chased by the local authorities and captured. The charges against him are for attempted murder.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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