Increase in Palm Oil Consumption in Bulgaria

Bulgarians consume an increasing amount of palm oil in their milk products according to Ivan Grancharov from the Association of Dairy Processors in Bulgaria.

Nova reported on the statements, citing BTA. Grancharov claims that Bulgarians consumed 12,000 tons of palm fat in 2017. He reminded that there is a law that bans the production of milk imitation products and the use of palm oil in dairy producers. Grancharov was quoted as saying: “I hope that this changes the balance in the sales of imitation and real products. Many countries banned the use of vegetable oils [in milk products].”

The expert claimed that large quantities of palm oil are being used in cheese and kashkaval (Bulgarian yellow cheese.) This cuts down prices.  Grancharov claimed that Bulgarians should be more familiar with the harmful effects of palm oil and the difficulties the human body has while processing it.

Grancharov said that the most telling factor on whether palm oil was used or not is whether the cheese falls apart in water. Real cheese doesn’t. He also said that the lowest possible price for real cheese would be BGN 5,50 (€2,25) for one kilo and the actual quality cheese would be at least BGN 9 (€4.5).

Grancharov: “There are quality products from quality milk. If there’s a demand, the Bulgarian can eat quality products.” He also raised concerns about the lack of milk production in Bulgaria: “The main problems in the branch are the imitation products and palm oils. There’s a deficit of Bulgarian material. The prices of Bulgarian farmers are raised due to the farmers of Europe. The price that comes in as an import is slightly higher than the price of Bulgarian milk. We don’t import above 20% of the milk” said Grancharov.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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