Fuel Spills Near Sozopol are Under Control; No Danger for the Tourists

After a meeting of the Operational Headquarters at the Regional Administration in Burgas, the Ministers of Transport and Environment and Waters, Ivaylo Moskovski and Neno Dimov, assured the public that the situation with fuel spills in the Sozopol region is under control and there is no danger for ecology or the tourists.

Today a drone will be launched to look at the site of pollution. Fences are also installed with a technology that prevents the spillage from spreading. It is expected that options will be proposed for draining the fuel oil from the vessel.

The samples taken are sent to a laboratory to perform a substance analysis, and the beaches are inspected extraordinarily with instructions for timely cleaning of the in the presence of contamination.

A signal of a huge oil stain, 2 km from the island of "Saint John", was filed on August 12.

The American ship "Mopang" left from Burgas for Istanbul in July 1921. It hit a German mine dating from the First World War and sank for minutes at 35 meters depth, and its capacity is 650 tons of fuel oil.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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