A Newborn with Down Syndrome Died in a Hospital in Pleven, Bulgaria

New tragedy in the Hospital in Pleven. The parents are looking for the cause of the newborn's death.

The baby was born with Down syndrome on June 3rd, and in an interview for Nova TV, the parents said that not all of the medical examinations were done during pregnancy because the family didn't have the money to pay for one of the effective examinations.

5 days before delivery, the woman enters the hospital, as the check-up reveals that the child's tones are falling and the mother has contractions. After the birth, doctors start to doubt genetic disease, but they assure parents that it is not a serious one. The baby is put in an incubator because it is premature. 

A little later, the doctors tell the mother that the child has 90% Down syndrome. Parents insist on an examination by a cardiologist, but doctors deny by saying that the child is completely healthy and there is no reason.

Within 16 days, the child is first in the second base of the hospital, and then in the "Mother and Child" institute. Parents find out that the baby is breathing heavily but are reassured by the doctors that this is normal for premature babies. They get in touch with the family doctor who sees a serious breathing problem and directs them to a cardiologist but, unfortunately, it is too late.

Parents are still waiting for the autopsy results.

The PR of the hospital Momchil Tsvetkov said that according to the doctors' testimony the child had good indicators and there was no heart defect.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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