Man Found Dead in the Bulgarian National Assembly Building

A 25-year-old security guard was found dead in a construction shaft in the Bulgarian National Assembly complex after missing for a day.

The story starts when the 25-year-old security guard Daniel Tasev went to work a night shift for the security “Defence Consult.” He guarded the construction site of a new meeting hall in the former National Assembly building in Sofia. Tasev allegedly slipped and fell down a 3-meter-deep shaft on the construction.

Tasev’s family got worried and contacted his employers and later the police. The officers searched the construction site and confirmed the death, which they asses was an accident. They also offered to pay for Daniel’s funeral, but his aunt, Katya Velichkova, claimed to have refused, stating that she only wants to know the truth of her nephew’s tragic death.

During an interview with bTV, she stated: “They called us from the 5th [Police] District and told us that the kid fell down in a shaft and died. And only that. What shaft, how deep is it, are there no cameras, who can tell us anything? She [preunably a  representative from Defence Consult] gave us her condolences and asked us how she can help, even offered us a monetary sum, which, let me tell you, I refused.”

The cause of death is deemed to be an accident by the police, however, it remains to be seen how safe the construction site was.


Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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