Close to 97% of Bulgarian Children Use the Internet Daily

Bulgaria’s National Center for Safe Internet revealed that 97% of the Bulgarian children use the Internet. Almost all surf the Web on daily basis and 40% have a public Facebook profile.

The Center for Safe Internet is an organization for child protection on the world wide web. They estimate that the most vulnerable age for Internet use is 8-14 years. According to the PR expert Iva Ekimova and the CSI representative Georgi Apostolov, children that lack communication with their parents and teachers are most endangered.

In an interview with Nova TV, they reached a conclusion that the deciding factor of safe Internet usage among children isn’t the time spent on the computer, but the content they consume. Parents must be aware of what that content is and to provide the proper guidance to their children.

Interestingly enough, Bulgaria was last among the EU countries in Internet usage according to the Internet World Stats report last year.


Alex Dimchev

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