Vromos Bay Beach near Burgas Contaminated with Radiation

The local authorities on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline issued a warning of dangerous levels of radiation in the Vromos bay beach. In some sectors, the radiation is 50 times greater than the safe norm. The Vromos coast is still open to the public, but there are warning signs of the dangerous contamination.

The radiation levels are high due to wastewaters from a local mine that had high quantities of uranium. bTV quotes a representative of the Burgas Regional Health Inspectorate: “The difference in the content of radionuclides in the sand and the soil near this coastline in relation to this terrain in comparison to the other terrains that we are surveying in the whole Black Sea coastline is between 5 to 50.”

As you may know, radiation often lacks immediate negative effects but can be a creeping health hazard. Experts warn that laying on the sand can be dangerous and that people should be especially vigilant towards small children, as they often eat the sand and this can be very dangerous. Pregnant women are also advised to avoid radiation, as it can have detrimental effects on the fetus.

Since the beach has no owner, camping there is free and it is often visited by families. According to the health inspector interviewed by bTV, the state cannot forbid people from going to the beach: “This is a choice of the people, we can only warn them.”

Image source DeniantArt

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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