Bear Escapes Dimitrovgrad Zoo

The 23-year-old brown bear Mitko escaped the Dimitrovgrad zoo for half an hour.

At around 11:00 AM today, Mitko managed to slip out of his cage while the door was open for routine cleanup. The bear escaped, passed through that door and was “free” for about half an hour before he was tranquillized and returned to his cage.

There are no reports of anyone being injured and the visitors of the Dimitrovgrad zoo were evacuated quickly. Mitko usually lives with his partner Ani, another brown bear, who luckily didn’t escape during the cell opening.

The municipality speaker Kremena Borisova was quoted by BTA as saying: “The personnel, who have a lot of experience, reacted immediately. A veterinarian doctor and a technician were also involved and tranquillized the “fugitive” before he could leave the territory of the zoo and returned him with the help of the caretaker.”

Picture of an unrelated brown bear taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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