Macedonia Defense Minister: NATO Invitation Coming Next Week

Macedonia’s Minister of Defense, Radmila Sekerinska, announced that next week, the country will receive an invitation to join NATO and the process will start in the next several months.

MIA reported on the statements. The Minister said: “A year ago, Montenegro became a member and then, as a minister of defence, I congratulated them and said that our goal is for Macedonia to become the 30th member. It sounded like a good wish, but now, only a year after that, this is almost a reality. Next week, Macedonia will receive an invitation for a membership in NATO, and in the next few months, the country will begin the process of ratifying the agreements.”

She also announced that NATO experts will visit the country to start strategic planning.

Sekerinska added: “After a year of work as a government, we managed to prepare the key document that defines defence and its development. It’s practically a full plan for reforming the defence of Macedonia, and its preparation is a breakthrough for guaranteeing the safety, and also for a NATO membership.”

According to the defence minister, Macedonia will not wait to be invited to NATO in order to start preparations. They’ll do it immediately.

Image Source WikiMedia

Alex Dimchev

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