Equipment Worth 46,000 Leva Confiscated in Kyustendil, Two Men Arrested

Bulgarian police officers arrested two men in the town of Kyustendil and confiscated equipment valued at 46,100 leva. Proof of large transactions of money was collected in the raid. reported on the arrest. The owner of the raided studio is a 53-year-old man from Kyustendil who doesn’t own any real estate. He and a 47-year-old employee of the first were arrested for 24 hours. The studio processed payments of large sums. The local persecutor office opened a case against the two suspects.

Large quantities of money flowing through shell firms seem like a classic operation for money laundering. Recently, a Bulgarian woman and an Israeli citizen were accused of making €1.4 million by running dirty money into shells firms in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Alex Dimchev

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