Heavy Rainfall Caused Emergency Situation in Central Bulgaria

A disastrous situation was declared in the town of Teteven, Bulgaria after the heavy rainfall of 100 l/sq.m and the subsequent flooding. Rain is expected to continue today. An inventory of damage will starts if the weather allows it.

There is an interrupted drinking water supply and also there is no electricity supply in the two villages. There is a landslide on the way to the village of Cherni Vit and the village of Glozhene.

In the whole municipality, there are flooded homes and destroyed bridges. And while in Greece, the firefighters are still fighting the outbreaks of forest fires, the Bulgarian Environment Ministry warns that an intense rainfall is expected for two more days, which may raise river levels in many places in the country.

Last days' rains have also made dozens of landslides in the Rhodopa Mountain. The road to one of the largest and most visited sanctuaries in our country - Krastova Gora, is blocked. The place is dangerous and needs urgent repairs. Three Asenovgrad villages face the threat of being disconnected from the world because of a landslide just meters from the famous Asen's fortress.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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