Did you Buy a Ticket for the "Burgas And the Sea" National Contest?

One of the most popular music contests "Burgas and the Sea" returns on stage to give the citizens and the guests of the city of Burgas an unforgettable evening - on July 28 at 8 pm at Summer Theater. Tickets for the festival are already on sale and can be found on the Eventim.bg network, as well as at the "Clock" in the center of Burgas.

In the thirty-sixth edition of the competition "Burgas and the Sea, the Bulgarian composers are competing to present new, created especially for the contest, songs in the following categories: author of music, author of the text, author of arrangement, performer/solo, duet or group/. The jury has listened to all 46 Bulgarian songs and chose 12 of them for the final. They will be judged on July 28 by a jury consisting of Silvia Katsarova, Mimi Ivanova, Razvigor Popov, Petar Aleksiev, Georgi Yanakiev and Dimitar Madjarov.

This year the presenters of the competition will be Nencho Ilchev and Maya Bejanska.

In the recital Yordanka Hristova, Silvia Katsarova, Mimi Ivanova, Razvigor Popov, Tonika Domini, Rossitsa Bordzhieva, Rossi Kirilova, Petya Bouyuklieva, Vanya Kostova, Tonika SV and others will take part.

The national contest was first organized in 1973 under the name "Songs for Burgas, the Sea, and its Working People". After 13 editions for a short time, it was stopped. It was restored in 1996 and has been held since then.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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