BMW Driver Hits a 5-Year-Old Boy in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Regional Directory in Plovdiv reported an incident in which a 33-year-old BMW driver hit a 5-year-old boy. The child has a broken leg and was rushed to the hospital. No danger to its life was reported.

The available information states that the incident occurred around 3:00 PM, on the Plovdiv street of “Landos.” A BMW car driven by the 33-year-old man hit the 5-year-old boy who was crossing the street. The kid was admitted into a hospital with a broken leg. The driver’s alcohol test turned out negative. The police are investigating the case to determine the specific circumstances.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that in the last 24 hours, Bulgaria saw 21 heavy car accidents, with one fatality and 24 wounded people. In Sofia, there were 33 lighter car accidents, which wounded 4 people. Sadly, news of car crashes is a common occurrence on Bulgaria’s road, with one heavier incident on Trakia highway costing the lives of 6 people.


Alex Dimchev

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