Macedonian PM to Discuss Name Referendum Law Changes With Party Leaders

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev will meet with party leaders to discuss the upcoming referendum for changing the country’s name to North Macedonia.

BGNES reported on the meeting. The premier invited the leaders of parliamentary groups with more than one member, including the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, who have protested and obstructed the name change, with their leader Hristijan Mickoski calling it a capitulation. It’s unknown if Mickoski will attend Zaev’s meeting.

Among the other invited leaders are Ali Ahmeti from the Democratic Union for Integration, Bilall Kasami and Afrim Gashi from the Besa Movement, Liljana Popovska from the Democratic Renewal of Macedonia, and Tito Petkovski from the New Social Democratic Party. This is the first meeting of its kind. Zaev claimed that the point of the meeting is to overcome the differences between the Macedonian political parties.

The Primer Minister reportedly organized the meeting after it became known that the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE will block the creation of a commission to launch the referendum for changing Macedonia’s name. Zaev’s proposed change will make it so 61 parliamentary votes will be enough for the formation of the commission.

Image: Macedonian Government

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