Refugees Landing on Bulgarian Military Airfields - Fake News, Defense Minister Said

Bulgaria’s Defence Minister, Krasimir Karakachanov, denied the claims that planes with refugees are landing on Bulgaria’s airfields, calling them fake news.

 24Chasa reported on the statements. They quote VMRO, Karakachanov’s party, as stating that the news is: “speculation from certain politicians spread by sites with an unclear status that Bulgaria even transports migrants with military planes.”

Karakachanov said: “I want it to be known categorically and clearly, that Bulgaria doesn’t admit migrants in secret and no planes of refugees landed on the territory of the country.” The Minister also reminded that the number of refugees has been down: “Since 2016, the flow of migrants has decreased drastically, and I, in my powers as a deputy Prime Minister for public order and security, am categorical that Bulgaria will never again allow the crisis from 2013-2016.

He called the accusations of refugees plane landing laughable, saying: “For a plane to land on a military airstrip, I must allow it. And for me to allow it, I must know what’s the purpose [of the flight]. This is true for military and civilian aircraft. This is why, when such frank lies are spoken and written, at least their authors should familiarize themselves with the basic facts.”

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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