Macedonian PM: NATO Invitation Celebrations in 15 Macedonian Towns

Macedonia’s Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, called for celebrations because of the invitation for Macedonia to join NATO.

After a long road towards Euro-Atlantic integration, Macedonia received an invitation to join NATO. The most important condition for joining is to solve the name dispute with Greece, something Macedonia is still struggling to do despite the official agreement between the two countries.

When Zaev arrived at the EU meeting in Brussels, he stated: “This is an invitation to a full-fledged membership in the largest union for peace and security on the international scene. We are expecting a big day tomorrow.” He also added: “We invite you on Saturday, July 14, to celebrate together in the cities of Macedonia.”

Zaev announced celebrations in 15 towns in the country.

Macedonia’s Minister of Defense announced the NATO invitation last week. The Zaev government is still experiencing difficulties with changing the country’s name to North Macedonia, which is expected to solve the naming dispute with Greece. Most notably, Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov still hasn’t signed the name change after a second parliamentary approval.

Alex Dimchev

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