Young Bulgarian Woman Died From Anorexia At Workplace

A 22-year-old Bulgarian woman was found dead in the Bansko hotel where she was employed.

The autopsy ruled the cause of death to be organ failure induced by anorexia nervosa. The 22-year-old woman was working as a PR expert for the hotel in which she was found. Her colleagues tried to contact her without success for about an hour before finding her body.

Anorexia nervosa affects millions of people throughout the world, most of whom are young women. The eating disorder is characterized by unrealistic body self-image that makes young women think they are overweight and eat too much when they are in fact underweight and bordering on starvation. The disorder can lead to organ deficiency, as is the case with the young woman that passed away in Bansko. We give our condolences to the family and hope that her death can somehow warn people about the dangers of anorexia.

Image: P.J.L Laurens

Alex Dimchev

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