Greek Nationalists Protest Macedonia Naming Solution

Through the efforts by Greece and Macedonia, the naming dispute between the two countries may be solved in the foreseeable future.

While this development is seen as a necessity for Macedonia’s entrance into the European Union and stabilizing the Balkans, many nationalists from both countries are protesting the possible solutions.

BGNES reports some of Greece’s headlines like “Thousands of Greeks chanted “Macedonia is Greek”, “24 towns spoke as one.” The protesters are arguing that the new name of their northern neighbour must not include Macedonia, as Macedonia is a Greek region. Recently, the largest protest included 3000 people and happened in Pella, the town that served as the capital of Ancient Macedon. Phillip of Macedon and Alexander the Great were both born there.

Other protesting cities include Kavala, Drama, Thebes, Veria, Serres, Larissa, and Corfu.

There’s another big protest planned to take place in Athens, the capital of Greece, on June 8.

Macedonian nationalists are also unhappy with the potential name change, as VMRO-DPMNE, the main opposition party in Macedonia, organized demonstrations in Skopje.

Wess Mitchell, Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs said that the US continues to provide assistance to Macedonia to overcome the difficulties with Greece and to reach an agreement for its name.


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