Bozhidar Dimitrov Creates Political Party "Kubrat"

The former minister without portfolio and ex-director of the National Historical Museum, Bozhidar Dimitrov, has registered a political party called “Kubrat.”

Previously, “Kubrat” (named after the ruler of Old Great Bulgaria) was a movement founded by Dimitrov, and several other intellectuals, who previously denied any plans for transforming “Kubrat” into a political party.

Dimitrov revealed his plans for the organization: “There are two things we will do if we come to power. The first will be to remove 1900 out of the 2000 licensing regulations, just like Trump did in the United States and their economy picked up. The second will be to remove the visas for Russian tourists. They will get them on the border and won’t be spread by a single Indian firm in 5-6 cities in the vast land of Russia. This is why the number of Russian tourists fell to 560,000 tourists and is falling by 15% this year. Meanwhile, in Greece, there are 4 million and in Turkey – 6 million.”

Dimitrov’s new party was described as “a moderate, enlightened party of constructive nationalists.” 

Image Source: Wiki

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