Sunny Beach Disputes Start a Cabinet War

The problems surrounding illegal construction in Sunny Beach have grown to what was called an “open war” between deputy PM Valeri Simeonov and the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova.

Simeonov wrote a letter to Bulgaria’s chief persecutor Sotir Tsatsarov, signalizing for “violations of the active legal norms and for potentially committed crimes by officials from the Ministry of Tourism and others: there were a construction and use of illegal constructions on the sea beach “Sunny Beach – South”.

During a TV interview with the Bulgarian National Television, Simeonov also claimed that Hadjiyska river was shifted with 300-400 meters in order to build “The One” bar in its bed. He also showed documents signed by minister Angelkova but specified that their creator would be responsible for any violations.

Previously, Simeonov blamed Angelkova for planning to make 20 decares of beaches that are exclusive government property into privatized government property.

Angelkova answered the accusations, saying she “didn’t see the point” of Simeonov’s actions on Bulgaria’s coastline. She also denied any criminal activity within her office.

Alex Dimchev

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