Minister of Tourism Criticizes Valeri Simeonov

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova criticized the deputy PM Valeri Simeonov for his activity on Bulgaria’s coastline, claiming it harms the Bulgarian tourism industry.

Simeonov often makes propositions aimed at tightening control over the coastline. One of the laws he supported was the increased control over noise pollution, which angered the nightclub scene and the tourism lobby. Simeonov also proposed more demolitions of illegal buildings in Sunny Beach.

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova said: “All of this is done at the start of the season and it hurts the image of Bulgarian as a tourist destination. I don’t know what’s the point of that. There were such circuses last year too. I don’t understand what’s the goal here.”

As it turns out, the comment was made minutes after it was revealed that Simeonov filed a signal towards the Bulgarian persecutor’s office against Angelkova, blaming her for corruption and unregulated construction on the coastline.

Angelkova answered the accusation by saying most of these constructions were built a decade ago, long before she was in office.

Angelkova and Simenov are technically part of the same cabinet, which caused a scandal. The Socialist Party PM Zhelyu Boichev said: “Members of the cabinet throwing around signals towards each other – this isn’t the way to build a tourism strategy.”

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