Sofia Prison Escapes Aftermath - 14 Punished, but Few Fired

The recent prison escape scandal that shook and amused Bulgaria has cost disciplinary penalties to 14 people according to the Minister of Justice, Tsetska Tscheva.

The chief commissioner of the General Directorate for Execution of Punishment, Svilen Tsvetanov, took responsibility and filed his resignation for the prison escape, but was only demoted to a deputy director.

Tsacheva also revealed that the deputy director of the Sofia prison, from which the two criminals escaped earlier this year, received a disciplinary discharge for favouritism towards prisoners, not locking up their cells, and breaking regulations of when prisoners can leave their cells. When asked why the chief-commissioner was not fired, Tsacheva said that the Svilen Tsvetanov was in the system “long before her” and that he was competent on his duties.

Bulgaria saw another prison escape from the very same prison and well-after the controversy surrounding Pelov’s escape.

Tsacheva promised major reforms again and new programs for forced labour of prisoners. She also suggested that the laws should be changed in order to strengthen responsibility of legal persons and their relation to the justice ministry.

The escaped convict Vladimir Pelov was shot dead by another criminal. Bulgaria’s state authorities claimed they were just one step away from catching the fugitive before his death.

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