Step-by-Step Solutions for the Bulgarian Weather Forecast

Due to the protests, organized on Thursday by workers of NIMH, a meeting between the Ministry of Education and Science and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was organized.

The results after it are optimistic for the critical situation of the weather forecast - both institutions will seek opportunities for covering the budget in order to support specific expenditures of NIMH.

"The institute has a specific place in the structure of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and is one of its three units, which has permanently assigned functions - for meteorological service to society and a number of sectors in it," this was stated by the education Minister Krassimir Valchev.

He added, that they already have an agreement for the budget subsidy, but they are waiting for it to be approved by activity, one of which is exactly the sphere we are talking about.

Working conditions and keeping people in the institution are part of the activities the Minister pointed out to as important to work on.

As the work of NIMH is one of the most important and we are dependent on it every day, it's important to maintain it. "Today, we can only partially guarantee and promise something, we also need a change in the BAS Law to validate this subsidy and activities, " said Krassimir Valchev.

The main reason behind the protest, according to the President of BAS, Julian Revalski, is the systematic lack of financing. He explained, that BGN 43 000 are already being transferred from the total of BGN 160 000 first promised. NIMH Director Prof. Hristomir Branzov shared his hopes that such protests as this one will not be anymore.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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