Belgrade Streets Flooded, Code Orange in Serbia

The streets of Belgrade were flooded after heavy rain.

Movement in the city today was difficult due to the downpour. The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia declared an orange code warning for torrential rains, lightning, and dangerous wind.

In the Novi Belgrade area, the rain turned into a hailstorm. The dangerous weather also caused serious damage to the orchards and infrastructure in the area of Prijepolje, Western Serbia. Many houses in the town are reportedly flooded.

Meteorologists are warning that more storms are incoming. State authorities are advising citizens to take shelter during the rains and to avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary.

Serbia’s eastern neighbour Bulgaria is also experiencing bad weather at the moment. The most infamous incident of the current wave of rains were the quite literal waves in the Sofian metro. The underground railways were flooded, causing a mini natural disaster in Bulgaria’s capital and a social media explosion of pictures and videos from eyewitnesses.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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