President Rumen Radev: Security at the EU's External Borders to be Strengthened

At the beginning of the migration crisis, Bulgaria had a much more sober behaviour than many European countries. Security at the EU's external borders needs to be strengthened without compromise, stated President Rumen Radev in Bratislava at a joint press conference with his Slovak counterpart Andrej Kiska.


Rumen Radev and Andrej Kiska agreed that the EU needs a unified solution to migration policy. "Europe has finally come to realize the significance of this crisis. We all have already found that open-door policy is harmful not only to Europe but especially for the countries from which migrants come," said the Bulgarian president.

In his words, both citizens in Bulgaria and Slovakia are interested in establishing high anti-corruption practices. "For us, European integration means adopting European models and standards in the fight against corruption and crime," Radev said. The Bulgarian president stressed the need for a detailed analysis and a national action plan to enter the Eurozone.

In the presence of the two presidents, bilateral documents were signed - cooperation agreements between the Technical University of Sofia and the Technical University in Bratislava, between the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency and the Slovak Telegraph Agency, as well as between the University of National and World Economy and the Bratislava University of Economics.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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