Macedonia PM Threatens President With Impeachment Over Name Change

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called for the impeachment of President Gjorge Ivanov if the latter refuses to sign the country’s name change if it passes on the referendum later this year. reported on the statements. Zaev claimed that he will do everything in his power to pass the name change and to prevent any obstruction from the President. Gjorge Ivanov is a member of the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE. The party’s leader called the name change “a capitulation” to Greece. The President said that he will not sign the agreement between Zaev’s cabinet and Greece.

“The times for lies, for personal political swindles are over. Macedonia must go forward, and through its citizens, it now has the chance to decide what future it wants. The citizens will decide that question” Zaev said during the interview.

In a Facebook post, the former Prime Minister of Macedonia claimed that Zaev’s negotiation efforts gave concessions that weren’t ever part of the conversation. He also called the agreement “a national catastrophe.” Macedonian nationalists continue to protest the name change in front of the parliament building, claiming they will gather every day at 8 PM until the agreement is annulled.

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