The Macedonian Parliament Approved the Treaty with Greece for the Name

The Macedonian Parliament approved the treaty to resolve the name dispute with Greece.

69 members of the Parliament voted on "For" ratification of the treaty. MPs from the opposition “VMRO-DPMNE” party did not attend the plenary session during the vote.

The treaty now will be sent to President Gjorge Ivanov for signature. He has a 7-day term for pronouncement. If he vetoes it, the treaty will have to be re-elected to the Parliament. In this case, at least 61 MPs will have to vote for it.

"We have clear evidence of our Macedonian identity, our Macedonian language, for centuries and centuries. We have not betrayed anything, nor did anyone take us anything when we agreed on a geographical name. It is a step in the interest of the citizens' future and our children, for a peaceful future," Zoran Zaev said.

The Prime Minister also added: “Let us write together the future pages, lead the citizens to a common thriving Macedonia, following the example of the advanced European countries. The desire of our ancestors to be recognized by all as Macedonians speaking Macedonian. This is a historic act through which Macedonia and its citizens have a chance.“

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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