Greek Foreign Minister Talks About Macedonia and the Islamization of Albania

The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikolaos Kotzias commented on the recent agreement signed between him and the Macedonian Prime Minister, Georgi Dimitrov on Macedonia’s name.

According to Kotzias, Greece seeks good relations with its northern neighbour and they are preferable to a potential expansion by Bulgaria or Albania.

Kotzias has stated that it is better for Greece to have a friendly neighbour to the north rather than “the community to be dominated by Turkey or to break apart and to open the road towards Greater Albania or Greater Bulgaria.” He also stated: “We must separate historical Greece and the Greek Macedonia from the geographical ones. If we don’t do it, we will be confused.”

The Greek PM also warned that Turkey is trying to turn the Albanian nationalists into Islamic fundamentalists and to create bases for training Islamic extremist near Greece’s borders.  The remarks were made as a defence from accusations from the Greek opposition forces, who called Tsipras’s government “spineless” and blind towards Islamic fundamentalism near their borders.

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