Attack Wins a Discrimination Case Supported by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

The political party Attack and their TV channel Alpha won a court case against the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, a non-government organization famous for providing legal assistance in social justice cases.

In 2013, the BHC filed a complaint to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination towards Magdalena Tasheva, TV Alpha and the political party Attack on behalf of 8 persons of Syrian descent. According to the Syrian persons, Alpha Attack broadcasted the program “In the Eye of the Storm” which discriminated against them. This program is hosted by Magdalena Tasheva, an Attack politician.

The Supreme Administrative Court, however, had this to say: “Tasheva’s statements do not instigate hatred, don’t spread, don’t encourage, and don’t justify hatred on principle towards all refugees, Syrians, Muslims. This is why there’s no ground for limiting their freedom of speech. The statements are only concerning that particular group of foreigners who participate in non-government groups in the military conflict in Syria, commit heinous cruelties and murders, pass illegally through state borders, including the border with Bulgaria and threaten the national security and the security of EU countries.”

After this 5-year court battle, Tasheva and Attack are clear of these charges.

The BHC responded by saying that Attack didn’t “win a court case against the BHC". The NGO claims that they merely provided legal assistance to the 8 Syrians,  thus Attack won the case against them, not the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.

In the end, the court did not accept the discrimination signals, meaning that Tasheva, her show, and the Attack party were cleared of the accusations.

Image Source: WikiMedia

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