"Musicauthor" with a Campaign Against the Denial of Rights

For the first time, "Musicauthor" will give over 30 000 leva from its cultural fund especially for projects of young authors, the organization said. For individual projects for the 2018 session, a total of BGN 154 000 will be allocated, and the deadline for application is July 3.

"We have to turn back to history to see the significance of what we have done," said Yassen Kozev, Chairman of the organization. Executive Director Ivan Dimitrov commented that today "Musicauthor" is definitely a factor. The opinion of the organization was also sought by the legislative body on the proposals for introducing a quota for Bulgarian music in the media.

Regarding the cultural fund, Ivan Dimitrov stressed that over the years it is modernized and became more effective. For the last four sessions of the cultural fund "Musicauthor" has stimulated the Bulgarian creativity with nearly 750 000 leva, supporting over 230 projects of Bulgarian authors.

"Artists are often put in a humiliating situation to give up their copyrights and deprive themselves of their own incomes," said Stoyan Mihalev, Deputy Chairman of "Musicauthor". Beneficiaries obviously take advantage of the weaker position of the authors and offer them to sign a disclaimer if they want to participate in a concert, contest, broadcast on television, radio, or another event. That is why "Musicauthor" launched a campaign with the cause to fight against this phenomenon.

The organization also implements preventive measures in this direction by lowering the evaluation of projects of artists who have applied for the cultural fund but who have also surrendered their rights.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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