Energoremont Galabovo to Spend 3 Million Leva on Expansion

Energoremont Galabovo plans to increase its operation with a 3 million leva investment. By the end of June, the firm will open a new manufacturing base, improving their capacity for manufacturing membrane panels, parts used in furnaces, boilers, thermoelectric power producers, and compounds for waste burning.

Capital.bg reported on Energoremont expansion. The investment will increase the firm’s base with a new manufacturing and assembly hall. This area will span 2500 square meters and will cost around 3 million leva.

Energoremont Galabovo was founded in 1969 and privatized in 2000. The company is Bulgaria’s biggest entity for manufacturing and repairing furnace equipment used in the energy business. Energoremont Galabovo is owned by “Metlik” JSC. Capital interviewed the firm’s procurator, Evgeni Stanchev, who said: “We undertook this investment in order to become even more competitive and to participate as a supplier of equipment in the large energy sites in Europe, the Middle East, and all over the world.”

In 2016, the firm's income was 26 million leva. The company hopes to create a 30-40% increase in the revenue with this new investment and to expand operations outside Bulgaria.

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Alex Dimchev

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