Macedonia's PM Confirms New Name - North Macedonia

Following today’s negotiations, the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, confirmed that the agreed-upon name for his country is North Macedonia.

The language will be Macedonian (македонски.) The citizens will be called “Macedonians” (македонци.) MIA reported on the PM’s conference. While surrounded by his ministers, Zaev revealed the general points to the agreement that will be signed this weekend with Greece’s PM Alexis Tsipras. Zaev claimed that his deal will reaffirm and solidify Macedonia’s identity, culture, language, and nationality.

During the conference, Zaev said: “By solving the dispute between the Republic of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia, we built friendship between the two countries and the two peoples, a friendship that was never bigger. In our hands, we hold the key to opening the European perspective for economic development and a better life for our citizens.” Zaev also said that this decision will help Macedonia come out of its isolation and integrate into the wider European community.

While this decision may help Macedonia in the long run, it's certainly marked by controversy both in Macedonia and Greece. Many nationalists on both sides are unhappy with their governments “betraying” their nations. The Greeks are unhappy with the retaining of “Macedonia” in the name of the former Yugoslav republic, and Macedonian nationalists are unhappy with there being any change at all, even as small as adding the words North, Upper, Vardar, or whatever the option may be. The agreement between the two countries will be signed this weekend.

You can watch Zaev's conference here.

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