Macedonia and Greece to Sign a Name Agreement this Weekend

The PMs of Greece and Macedonia agreed on a solution to end the naming dispute. An agreement will be signed during this weekend, likely on Saturday. The agreed-upon name will reportedly be North Macedonia. This was later confirmed by Zoran Zaev.

The solution was reported by Greek media outlets, who wrote: “Today, the Skopje problem ended” and “North Macedonia is the negotiated name.” Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev, the PMs of Greece and Macedonia respectively, have negotiated the deal on the phone today. This was after a similar conversation yesterday. The two will meet on the Greek side of Prespa to sign the document.

When asked to comment on the deal, Zoran Zaev had this to say: “Yesterday, we had a truly high-quality progress in the talks. I hope that today we will be able to announce something good to the public. I said I’m an optimist and that its possible to reach an agreement, but today we have another conversation and in my opinion a very important one. I hope that we can discuss all aspects and to fulfill the expectations of both sides.” He also added: “If it happens today, God willing, we will announce it with all details.”

When asked about the new name, Zaev wasn’t concrete: “North, Upper, New, Vardar, many names were among the options. I would wait until the end because we really don’t have an agreement. I hope that we will have one very soon. And when we have it, we will immediately announce all details of the agreement.”

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