Coca-Cola Bulgaria Made 560 million Leva in 2017

The financial effect of Coca-Cola HBC’s business in Bulgaria amounts to half a billion leva annually. revealed that the value-added tax of Coca-Cola’s products amounted to 101 million leva for 2017. The overall sum spent on salaries, taxes, and profits, Coca-Cola would’ve contributed 560 million leva to the economy, which is about 0.6% of the GDP of Bulgaria.

For 2017, Bulgaria consumed 350 million litres of Coca-Cola’s produce.

The company is worth 876 million leva. Coca-Cola Bulgaria directly employs 2300 people. Indirectly, around 20,000 workers are engaged in its distribution, which is around 0.3% of the workforce in the country. Coca-Cola’s history in Bulgaria started in 1965, with Bulgaria becoming the first socialist country to manufacture the soft drink.

Recently, Coca-Cola was reported to be one of the most popular companies to work for as a Bulgarian student. Last year, the company also relocated jobs from their Weimar centre into Bulgaria.

Alex Dimchev

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