Greek and Macedonian PMs Have an Hour-Long Phone Talk

The Macedonian government confirmed that the Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Greece conducted an hour-long conversation discussing the naming dispute. Another conversation is expected to occur around the same time tomorrow.

The Greek government also confirmed the conversation and that it happened in a “good atmosphere.” The PM of Macedonia Zoran Zaev and the PM of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, discussed the various options for solving the Macedonia naming dispute and the options for a new name.

Greece also confirmed that another phone conversation will be conducted tomorrow. Zoran Zaev expressed hopes that the dispute will be settled before the next meeting of the EU on June 28. 

Despite the constant news around this dispute, it seems like there’s little progress concerning the most major problems – the inclusion of the name “Macedonia” in the name of Greece’s northern neighbor. The three proposed options that were announced recently all include “Macedonia.”

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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