3 Bulgarians Sentenced After a 2016 Night Wolves MC Fight

The Burgas court sentenced 3 Bulgarian men for a brawl with protesters during the visit of the Russian motorcycle club “Night Wolves.” One of the sentenced, named Atanas M., will serve 2 years in prison, along with an additional 1 year for a previous crime. His accomplices, Svetlozar M. and Stoicho received suspended sentences for 2 years.

The incident occurred in June 2016, when the Night Wolves were on their “Slav World 2016” tour that started in Moscow and passed through 12 countries. The visit to Bulgaria, however, was marked with a brawl between protesters against the Night Wolves and the Bulgarian Military Union “Shipka.”

It's unclear what exactly transpired during the visit, with both sides claiming they were attacked. The sentenced, backed by witnesses, claim that they defended members of the Russian MC and their fans against pro-Ukrainian attackers. The night wolves will visit Bulgaria in July 2018 for another “Slav World” tour for promoting Slav culture, history, and heritage.

Picture from Wikimedia

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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