Police Was One Step Away From Catching Fugitive Vladimir Pelov Before His Murder

The Bulgarian police were very close to arresting the escaped prisoner Vladimir Pelov Stefanov just prior to him getting murdered by one of his friends.

The minister of interior, Valentin Radev, said this in Burgas: “We were following him and were one step away from capturing before the murder happened.” Radev also stated that the situation was “malchance” a common Bulgarian term for unfortunate coincidence. He also stated that during the search of Pelov’s hideout, the police found explosives, including hand grenades. The minister stated: “The criticisms are relentless, I get that, but I am supporting the staff that worked on the case of catching the two criminals.”

Pelov was one of Bulgaria’s most famous criminals, gaining an even wider fame when he escaped from Sofia’s prison this year. The police were unable to catch him for 2 months. Pelov was murdered by Mario Penchev. Reportedly, the two were friends. The reasons for this murder are unknown. The most common speculations are that Pelov attacked Penchev because the latter wanted to inform the police of Pelov’s whereabouts. Other theories include old feuds and even a scandal over a woman.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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