Public Information in Bulgarian Judicial System to Be Classified - Justified by GDPR

Important institutions in the judicial system have started to classify public information for different cases justifying the process with a claim that it is a requirement that follows from the GDPR.

One of the most striking examples for the on-going classification of information is the announcement by the prosecutor's office of the accusations against former NDK (National Palace of  Culture) executive director Miroslav Borshoch. 

The names of the people that are checked, investigated, accused and under trial are now classified. It is reported by the Sega Newspaper that the names of some convicted are also now secret, which is a violation of citizens' right to be informed.

A strong indication for the on-going classification is the announcement for the arrest two days ago of a man in the Kozlec village in Haskovo. On Thursday, he was accused by the prosecutor's office, and in the announcement, even his village was saved and written as village "K".

The Special Prosecutor's Office refused to report on who is accused of involvement in a criminal drug group were with the explanation that this is forbidden by the Privacy Act. 

The Sofia City Court has already removed from its electronic records the option of searching a party in a case. Search is only organized by case number. 

A simple check of the requirements under the European regulation shows that such restrictions on publicity are not required and this is a case of censorship from the state institutions.

The gathering of information by journalists is entirely excluded from the limitations of the regulation, as are the public authorities that collect and use personal data by the virtue of a law. Such are the police, the prosecution and the court. The Regulation explicitly lowers the protection of data on cases of public interest, such as criminal cases.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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