Russia Better Than NATO According to Bulgarian Conservative Party Leader Veselin Mareshki

The leader of “Volya” Veselin Mareshki continued his criticism of NATO and Bulgaria’s place in it, calling for the country to leave the pact and join forces with Russia.

Following his recent proposition of a referendum for leaving NATO, Mareshki criticized the effects that joining NATO had on the Bulgarian military, saying that: “Nobody ever asked Bulgarians to join NATO.” He claims that since Russia is defending Syria's legitimate government from terrorist and NATO-backed rebel forces, and that they can defend Bulgaria better than NATO can.

The leader of Volya also remarked on the recent statements by the Bulgarian President and Minister of Defense, who were highly critical of the present state of Bulgaria’s military. There’s a large debate on whether Bulgaria should purchase new fighter jets. Mareshki said: “With the 100 million leva of the 4-5 billion they want to spend on 8 airplanes we can make a national chain of gas stations that will leave between 1000-5000 leva yearly income to every Bulgarian family. Mareshki stated that if the 5 billion dollar budget is voted in, his party will organize mass protests and demand the resignation of the defense minister.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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