Department for Fight Against Organized Crime: "Bulgarian Authorities Look for Corruption but Cannot Find Any"

There are no corrupt clerks in Bulgaria - or at least ministries don't seem to find any among their employees. This was announced by the chief of the Departmenf for fight against organized crime Ivaylo Spiridonov. According to Spiridonov, inspectors in various institutions have not signalled for corruption. 

Spiridonov claims that these particular institutions and structures (meaning the inspectors assigned to each ministry) have to take their job seriously because they are the ones who are responsible for reporting corruption. "When they start informing us about particular problems, things will get better," the chief said. He also admitted that for the three years he's been holding office no documents were filed into the Department that point to corruption in any of the ministries. 

Last year, the Department arrested a total of 90 people for corruption. However, corruption cases are only 5.5% of the Department's job, according to reports by the institution itself. Apart from these 5.5%, the Department does regular check-ups whenever signals arrive. 

A troublesome fact is that while Spiridonov reports on the lack of signals on corruption, Bulgaria is considered one of the EU-states with the highest rates of corruption. 

During a seven year period ending in 2014, Romania's equivalent body managed to indite 4,700 defendants for corruption charges, with a 90.25% success rate in securing a final court decisions.

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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