Explosion in Dobrich, Bulgaria, Injures 5 Kids

A gas bottle explosion in the Bulgarian town of Dobrich injured 5 kids. The contents of the bottle are unknown. Reportedly, none of the kids received life-threatening wounds, but they’ll require medical assistance.

While playing near a student housing building in Dobrich, the kids (all aged around 10 years) found the bottle. The eyewitnesses from a nearby building described it as a “jar full of white liquid" that exploded while the kids were playing with it. There’s speculation that the “jar” was discarded from the basement of the blocs nearby.

Three of the kids were admitted to the Multiprofile Dobrich Hospital, and one was transported to a specialized eye clinic in Varna. The director of the Dobrich hospital, Trifon Yordanov, had this to say: “Two of the kids are admitted to the orthopaedics and traumatology wards with burnings on the limbs, and one of the kids was admitted in the neurosurgery ward with trauma to the spine.”

The authorities are investigating the case. Somebody put the explosive bottle on a public space within reach of children. Intentionally or not, it’s a crime that had 5 innocent victims.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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