The Bulgarian Prime Minister Reflects on Recent Political Events

In an exclusive sit-down with NOVA TV, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria - Boyko Borisov reflected on recent political events, especially those of 2018 i.e after the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU began.

We would like to remind you of some of the more interesting events on the political scene before going on with the PM's commentary. The year began with really serious debates about the Istanbul Convention and the Pirin National Park. Another story that struck Bulgaria was the deal for the Bulgarian branch of CEZ. As always - corruption and the rule of law remained a central topic in Bulgarian politics. April marked the arrest of the allegedly corrupt mayor - Desislava Ivancheva

Borisov's interview covered some of these topics. The prime Miniter said he was sorry for the government not being able to present the Istanbul Convention in such a way that the Bulgarian people would understand its true purpose. Despite promising the European Parliament to do everything in his power to ratify the document, Borisov saw himself forced to withdraw it from the Parliament. He admitted that violence against women is a real problem and that the Convention is to be discussed at some point in the future. 

Regarding the CEZ deal, Borisov believes it was a move engineered to make the cabinet look bad. He explained how by the time the news for the deal broke, he was in Brussels discussing Africa-related EU policies. Borisov's claims are that the government has nothing to do with the deal. Many people thought that to be the case because the Miniter of Energy deposited her resignation, claiming she is personal friends with the buyer and wants to avoid speculation. 

Corruption, as usual, had to be addressed. The Prime Minister commented on the arrest of the mayor of Sofia's region "Mladost" by saying that he hopes this case serves an example. He admitted that such "spectacular" arrests are not to his taste (we would like to remind you that Ivanvcheva was held in the middle of Sofian traffic for 4 hours standing up - many were displeased by this). 

Borisov did not shy away from addressing his main political rival - the Bulgarian Socialist Party and its leader - Kornelia Ninova. In his own words, the two parties will have the opportunity to face one another in the European elections and Borisov is pretty confident that Ninova is in not prepared for that. He also criticized the government appointed by the President Rumen Radev for buying inefficient combat helicopters that have no weapons on them. 

Finally, Borisov expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the Bulgarian debt is now only 25% of the GDP and that by the end of GERB's term it should be around 20%. 


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Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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